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Altobridge is an R&D-focused, wireless network solutions provider. Its founding vision was to remove the technical and commercial barriers that denied remote communities affordable mobile voice and internet connectivity. Since its creation in 2002, Altobridge has designed, patented and commercially deployed technology innovations that have bridged the digital divide; breakthrough solutions that now enable mobile network operators, particularly in low and lower-middle income nations, to affordably connect unconnected communities.

Altobridge is headquartered in Tralee, Co. Kerry, Ireland. Altobridge also has offices in Malaysia, China and the United States.

Business Situation

Altobridge focuses its resources on removing the technical and commercial barriers that prevent mobile network operators from cost effectively extending their networks, beyond their urban strongholds, to population centers in rural and remote regions throughout emerging markets – communities yet to reap the social and economic benefits of mobile connectivity.

Altobridge has set about removing the three greatest barriers that mobile network operators face in terms of rural and remote network expansion, namely: (1) the capital costs involved in deploying traditional infrastructure, such as 30+ meter telecoms towers, which operators perceive to be pre-requisite for rural deployment; (2) the operational costs required to drive power-hungry base station transceivers; (3) the monthly transmission costs (the backhaul costs) incurred to deliver voice calls and mobile data traffic to and from users' devices.


Altobridge has achieved its goals through a series of patented and patent-pending technologies, namely, Altobridge Data-at the-EdgeTM (data optimization in wireless networks), Local ConnectivityTM (local voice switching) and Split ArchitectureTM (transmission and power optimization). These technologies, individually and combined, drive down communications delivery costs for mobile network operators by reducing backhaul and power consumption costs.

The Altobridge lite-siteTM solution requires only 4kbps of bandwidth per active voice call, while Local ConnectivityTM switches local calls at the remote site base station, thereby completely eliminating backhaul for local calls. At 90 watt average power consumption per site, solar-power sourced, and with a coverage radius of up to 10km, the Altobridge lite-siteTM solution is the most power efficient and operationally cost-efficient solution for remote community connectivity in its class.

Existing and next generation mobile networks are experiencing a bombardment of new data-capable and data-hungry broadband devices e.g. smart phones, net books, tablets, 3G USB dongles etc. The increasing consumer demand for data services via mobile devices is creating bottlenecks and congestion in networks globally. Significant progress is being made to improve data efficiency by introducing higher throughput wireless networks such as 3G, LTE, etc. However, one of the main barriers to cost-effective broadband access over mobile networks is the effective use of the links from operators' core networks to their radio base stations. Altobridge has developed an innovative and unique solution that addresses the problem of mobile data network congestion. By maximizing the bandwidth efficiency of operators' existing network infrastructure, Altobridge Data-at-the-EdgeTM reduces mobile data backhaul requirements by at least 30%.

The international standards underlying next generation mobile networks such as 3GPP LTE are specified using ASN.1. The OSS ASN.1 C tools provide a proven, highly reliable and high performance solution supporting the implementation of ASN.1 standards. The OSS Tools are used by manufacturers of telecommunications equipment worldwide, who have benefitted from increased productivity and reduced risk by using these tools in their solutions.


  • 4kbps bandwidth per active call
  • Zero bandwidth required when altoPodTM is in idle mode during off peak traffic periods
  • Local ConnectivityTM switches local calls at the altoPodTM or within the cluster; thereby removing backhaul requirement for all local calls (also meets ETSI Lawful Intercept requirements). Intra-Cluster Local switching switches calls between sites in a cluster locally, further reducing backhaul requirement
  • Channel Quenching / Ringtone Suppression reduces satellite backhaul requirements by allocating the calling party's audio path, only when the called party answers
  • Configurable AMR codecs on the backhaul minimize bandwidth requirement and configurable AMR codecs on the air interface maximize quality and capacity
  • altoPodTM remote Radio Resource Management eliminates latency, significantly improves call set-up success rates and increases mean holding times
  • 90 Watt average power consumption and intelligent dormancy of non-traffic bearing TRX during off-peak periods makes the altoPodTM the most efficient, solar powered solution of its kind for remote communities
  • The all-IP outdoor altoPodTM is a 2TRX passively cooled BTS with built-in 10 Watt carriers, providing up to 10km coverage radius
  • Altobridge lite-siteTM architecture is transparent to the core network. Billing, rating and subscriber management are controlled by the operator's existing core network at all times
  • The network management feature, altoManagerTM, provides bandwidth and network-wide monitoring capability plus BSS performance indicator statistics through a single user interface

Products and Services Altobridge Used

Altobridge currently uses the OSS ASN.1 C Tools on a 64-bit Linux/Intel platform. Althobridge's selection of the OSS solution future proofs Althobridge's investment. Should Altobridge need to support other platforms in the future, it can license one of the many OSS ASN.1/C libraries which have already been ported to 500+ platforms, or OSS can port its libraries to meet Altobridge's needs.

Altobridge also uses the OSS Technical Support Services, available 24x7, and which provides expert support not just on the OSS ASN.1 Tools but also on the ASN.1 standard if required.

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