ASN.1/C Runtime Errors

Applies to: ASN.1/C 10.5

The OSS Nokalva ASN.1 runtime displays error and warning messages that may relate to the ASN.1 input syntax or to the application code.


There are four types of messages issued by various components of the OSS ASN.1 Tools:

  • ASN.1 compiler input-ASN.1 syntax checking messages
  • ASN.1 compiler command-line format messages
  • ASN.1 compiler input file processing messages
  • Runtime-function signal messages

The ASN.1 syntax checker messages have the following format:

Error message format

Typical ASN.1 syntax checker message

Each message type has a unique error code. The message code consists of six characters that are associated with the component identifier that issued the message, the message number, and the severity level.

The following table contains the error code characters and their related message categories:

Character Position Purpose Character Description
First Component Identifier




ASN.1 syntax checker.

ASN.1 compiler input-file processor.

ASN.1 compiler command-line format checker.

Decoder routines.

Encoder routines.
Second through Fifth Message Number 0001 to 9999 Unique, four-digit message ID number.
Sixth Error Severity



Informative messages (Level 0).
Provide further information about your input without reporting any issues.

Warning messages (Level 1).
Provide notifications about certain issues in your input that might cause problems in the future.

Regular error messages (Level 2).
Indicate that an error occurred. After this error is detected, your current process will continue.

Severe error messages (Level 3).
Indicate that an error occurred. After this error is detected, your current process will stop.

The D0263E error code contains the following information:

  • The letter D states that the message is issued by the ASN.1 decoder.
  • 0263 is the message number. Use this number to look up the message details.
  • The letter E indicates that this message is a Level 2 error, which refers to regular or common errors.

A typical XER encoding error message also contains the line number and position of the error occurrence, as shown in the following example:

D0174E: Canonical XER restrictions are violated: 'XML encoding for contained types should have 
been used'; check field 'content' (type: BIT STRING) of PDU #1 'DataPacket' at line 1 position 4.

A runtime function message can also have fewer details, depending on the encoder/decoder and the debug options used.


To look up OSS ASN.1 Runtime error messages by message number, see the Runtime Errors Reference page.

This documentation applies to the OSS® ASN.1 Tools for C release 10.5 and later.

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