ASN.1/C# Compiler Directives

Applies to: ASN.1/C# 4.5

Compiler directives, similar to compiler options, control the compiler output. Unlike compiler options, compiler directives can be added to the ASN.1 schema files or can be included in a separate directive file.


The following table contains compiler directives listed by category. Note that a directive may belong to more than one category. For your convenience, we have included check boxes that, when selected, display a particular group of directives: basic, advanced, or deprecated.


Compiler directives override compiler options. They are case-sensitive and have one of the following formats:

--<OSS.Directive [reference] [Operands]>--
--<ASN1.Directive [reference] [Operands]>--

reference can be either a module, a type or a field, a file, depending on the directive.

Directives appear as comments to compilers that do not support them.


--<OSS.Nickname MyZoo.VeryRareSpeciesOfMonkey MyMonkey>--

NOTE: The order in which directives appear is meaningful. Directives (including directive files) must precede the ASN.1 modules they are applied to. If contradictory directives are specified, the last one takes precedence.

This documentation applies to the OSS® ASN.1 Tools for C# release 4.5 and later.

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