ASN.1 ECN Tools

The encoding development tool of choice among developers of mobile applications and embedded systems

The Encoding Control Notation (ECN) Tools from OSS Nokalva® elevate the capabilities of ASN.1 based application developers to a new level. Until now, encoding rules were limited to BER, DER, CER, PER, XER, CXER, and E-XER, and ASN.1 didn't allow mixing of encoding rules within a message. The OSS ECN Tools use the open Encoding Control Notation standard (X.692), which solves these limitations, while enabling a wide range of new ASN.1 application possibilities such as smaller encodings. It features a multitude of capabilities to optimally manage encoding and decoding using combinations of standard ASN.1 encoding rules, or even your customized rules. The OSS ECN software offers a robust encoding development environment for creating applications that need minimal size encodings.


The OSS ECN Tools enable you to:

  • Increase bandwidth efficiency with encodings that can be smaller than PER.
  • Eliminate manual coding errors.
  • Reduce your development time: costs and learning curve.
  • Use BER, CER, DER, PER, XER, CXER, E-XER or a combination of these encoding rules.
  • Replace bitmaps and hand encodings with machine-processable custom encodings.
  • Create your own encoding rules by applying combinations of standardized ASN.1 encoding rules to different parts of your messages.

Make the most of your old legacy protocols (such as ISUP) and reverse engineer existing protocols without months of custom coding. Simple to install and easy to learn, OSS ECN Tools delivers unprecedented flexibility and the latest in communication standards.

The OSS ECN Tools is a toolset for designing and building cutting edge communication applications. It fully supports the Encoding Control Standard (ITU-T X.692 | ISO/IEC 8825-3). It is available to be ported to many platforms. Comprehensive 24 x 7 support, documentation and training are also provided.

Now you can focus your effort on the application and less on encoding needs.

If you would like more information about the OSS ECN Tools, emailĀ info@oss.comĀ or call +1-732-302-9669, toll free (USA and Canada only) 1-888-OSS-ASN1.

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