Can I achieve a round-trip conversion between ASN.1 and XSD using the ASN.1-->XSD and XSD-->ASN.1 translators

Unlike the XSD->ASN.1 translation, which is entirely specified by the ITU-T X.694 standard, the ASN.1->XSD translation is proprietary. Its main purpose is to allow existing ASN.1 applications to "visualize" ASN.1 data using XML.

Due to incompatibilities between the ways XML Schema and ASN.1 handle advanced features (such as, extensibility), the XSD obtained after a translation from ASN.1 might not be suitable for conversion back to ASN.1. Contact us for a more detailed explanation.

The samples included with some of the Knowledge Center answers are meant for your general understanding of the OSS products. Different versions of the products might produce slightly different outputs. Consult the products documentation and samples for the most up-to-date products information and code examples.

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