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Fast, compact, standards-based XML without a schema. The OSS® Fast Infoset (FI) Tools are for those who wish to use non-schema-based XML messages in resource-constrained and/or bandwidth-constrained environments, and need to minimize the overhead associated with using XML. Fast Infoset (FI) is an international standard developed to address XML resource and bandwidth issues. The Fast Infoset standard optimizes XML by specifying a standardized binary representation for the XML Information Set. Our Tools, which create and process highly efficient Fast Infoset messages, are conformant to the ITU-T X.891 (2005) | ISO/IEC 24824-1: 2005 Information Technology – Generic Applications of ASN.1: Fast Infoset Standard.

OSS - Active Participant in the Sun Fast Infoset Interoperability Project

The OSS Fast Infoset Tools offer significant performance improvements without requiring any XML Schema. Using the OSS FI Tools to process Fast Infoset, rather than traditional XML, results in messages averaging 3 times smaller and processing speeds averaging 5 times faster.

The OSS Fast Infoset (FI) Tools enable you to represent and transmit your XML more efficiently by utilizing the Fast Infoset encodings. Runtime API functions create and process Fast Infoset documents and perform lossless transformations between standard XML and optimized Fast Infoset representations of XML documents. Use our SAX-like decoder to parse Fast Infoset encodings as if your traditional SAX parser were reading the XML document corresponding to the Fast Infoset binary data. Choose XML or binary as needed, using a single tool.

FI advantage FI advantage

With interoperable implementations already available on several platforms such as Microsoft .NET and .NET CF, Sun GlassFish, BEA WebLogic, IBM SDK for Java, TMax Soft JEUS 6, as well as Linux, Solaris, and Win32, Fast Infoset offers a standards-based, reliable alternative to XML that can be widely deployed today.

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Fast Infoset Tools allow you to:
  • Convert XML documents to Fast Infoset and vice versa in a single function call
  • Serialize Fast Infoset documents by calling API functions that add information such as elements and character content to your documents, and produce encoded output to a pre-allocated buffer, dynamic memory, a file or a network socket
  • Parse Fast Infoset encodings using our SAX-like decoder as if your traditional SAX parser were reading the XML document corresponding to the Fast Infoset binary data
  • Manage external vocabularies and document templates (initial portions of Fast Infoset documents), and use custom encoding algorithms and restricted alphabets when encoding and decoding
  • Customize Fast Infoset API behavior and tune application performance via specialized runtime flags
  • Seamlessly compress XML or Fast Infoset data using the included Zlib compression library or using any custom data compression or encryption algorithm
  • Receive verbose textual error messages with error context identification
  • Utilize XML in environments in which its use was previously not feasible
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