Fast WS Tools for Java - Enhancement History

FWS Tools for Java - version 1.1 (latest version)

  • A new command line option -microedition has been added to the XSD/FWS for Java compiler. The option instructs the compiler to generate Java classes compatible with the J2ME CLDC 1.1 platform. The generated Java classes can be used with ossxmicro.jar, a new J2ME CLDC 1.1 compatible runtime jar. With the introduction of this new feature, the OSS FWS Tools for Java can be used in resource constrained environments
  • The -serverAPI and -clientAPI command line options of the XSD/FWS for Java compiler are now enhanced to handle the "call" parameter to support the transport layer. With this parameter, new classes are now generated that can be used to support the FWS Java transport layer
  • New runtime classes have been added to support the Web-services transport layer API. Core transport layer classes are PortClient and PortServlet, which provide basic functionality and serve as superclasses for the compiler-generated API level "call" classes. See the API javadoc documentation for details
  • The XSD/FWS Tools for Java now support CER (Canonical Encoding Rules). A new compiler command-line option -cer is now available. The -cer option instructs the XSD/FWS compiler to make the Canonical Encoding Rules (CER) available at runtime. This option is similar to the -ber/-der/-per/-uper/-xml options in that it allows the associated set of encoding methods to be available to the encoder/decoder during runtime
  • A new 'Coder' class, com.oss.xsd.CERCoder, has also been added to support the Canonical Encoding Rules (CER). To use this new class, simply compile your XSD specification with the -cer option specified. Then the generated project class will include a getCERCoder() method that can be used to retrieve an instance of CERCoder.