What's New

Applies to: NAS/C LTE/EPC r15.5.0 v7.1.2

What's New in NAS/C v7.1.2


Starting with 3GPP Release 12, the use of GPRS Encryption Algorithm GEA/1 in MS is prohibited. When attempting to enforce it, the NAS/C Encoder/Decoder Version 7.1.1 always set the GEA/1 bit of the MS Network capability to 0. However, this could cause interoperability issues with an MS that is adherent to a 3GPP release prior to Release 12.

The Encoder/Decoder no longer automatically transforms the GEA/1 bit. Note that it is now the application's responsibility to conform to the TS 24.008 requirements.

What's New in NAS/C v7.1.1

New Features

  • Support for NAS version 15.5.0 has been added.
  • An MNC value can consist of two or three digits. Previously, it was thought that a two-digit MNC value stored in a PDU was always represented by a string of size 3, where its digits were augmented with the padding space character. Now the encoder accepts MNC strings of size 2. The decoder now decodes a two-digit MNC value into a string of size 2 by default. The new OSSNAS_OLD_MNC_WITH_SPACE runtime flag restores the old decoder behavior (the decoded string is size 3 with a trailing space).
  • The new OSS NAS API function, ossNASBinary2JSON(), is added. This function converts a binary NAS message to a JSON document.
  • The OSS NAS API ossNASBinary2XML() and ossNASPrintPDU() functions now produce an XML document in accordance with ITU-T Recommendation X.693: "Information technology ASN.1 encoding rules: XML Encoding Rules (XER)".
  • The following changes were implemented:
    • Each SEQUENCE OF SomeType element, where SomeType is a BOOLEAN type, is now represented as "true" or "false" instead of "<SomeType>true</SomeType>" or "<SomeType>false</SomeType>".
    • A SomeType ASN.1 type field, where SomeType is a NULL type, is now represented as "<SomeType/>". Previously, it could be omitted.
    • Each SEQUENCE OF SomeType element, where SomeType is a CHOICE type, is now represented as the corresponding CHOICE alternative. Previously, the alternative was additionally wrapped by <SomeType> and </SomeType> tags.

The new OSSNAS_OLDXML runtime flag restores the old behavior of the functions.

This documentation applies to the NAS/C Encoder Decoder Library for LTE/EPC v7.1.2 for 3GPP Release 15.5.0.

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