Package com.oss.asn1

Class Binary2XMLConvertor

public class Binary2XMLConvertor extends EncodingRuleConvertor
The Binary2XMLConvertor is a EncodingRuleConvertor used to convert binary data encoded with one of the Binary Encoding Rules into XML data encoded with one of the XML Encoding Rules.
ASN.1/Java 6.2
  • Constructor Details

    • Binary2XMLConvertor

      public Binary2XMLConvertor(BinaryCoder decoder, XMLCoder encoder)
      Construct with two coder objects
      decoder - input XML decoder
      encoder - output Binary encoder
  • Method Details

    • setDecoder

      public void setDecoder(BinaryCoder decoder)
      Set Binary decoder
      decoder - input Binary decoder
    • setEncoder

      public void setEncoder(XMLCoder encoder)
      Set output XML encoder
      encoder - output XML encoder