Class ComponentRelations


public class ComponentRelations extends Object
The ComponentRelations class encapsulates a list of component relations used to define component relation constraints. Each OpenType has an ASN.1 component relation constraint or constraints. The component relation constraint references other fields and an information object set. It is used to determine the value at the time of automatic encoding and decoding. So for example,
    Procedure ::= SEQUENCE {
         opcode INTEGER,
         parameter SEQUENCE {
           parameterId PARAMETER.&id ({KNOWN-PARAMETERS}),
           value PARAMETER.&Type ({KNOWN-PARAMETERS}{@.parameterId})
PARAMETER.&Type is an OpenType, ({@.parameterId}) is a component relation. If there were references to multiple fields, there would be multiple component relations. The ComponentRelations class is used if there is one or more references.
ASN.1/Java 2.1
  • Method Details

    • count

      public int count()
      Return the number of component relations in the array.
      number of component relations in the array.
    • getComponentRelations

      public ComponentRelation getComponentRelations(int i)
      Return the component relation element which is at position i of the array.
      i - position of the component relation element in the array.
      component relation element at position i.