Class SetInfo

public class SetInfo extends CollectionInfo
The SetInfo class represents the properties of the ASN.1 SET type.
ASN.1/Java 2.1
  • Method Details

    • getTagDecoder

      public TagDecoder getTagDecoder()
      Returns the tag decoder for the SET type.
      tag decoder
    • getAttributeTagDecoder

      public com.oss.metadata.XTagDecoder getAttributeTagDecoder()
      Returns an XML tag decoder used to decode fields which are represented as XML attributes. This method returns null unless the XTags object associated with this type has the cHAS_ATTRIBUTES flag set.
      the tag decoder to decode attributes.
    • getXTagDecoder

      public com.oss.metadata.XTagDecoder getXTagDecoder()
      Returns the XML tag decoder.
      the XML tag decoder.
    • getOptional

      public int getOptional() throws MetadataException
      Returns the number of optional components.
      number of optional components
      MetadataException - if attempt to resolve the weak reference fails: class could not be found or typeInfo was not available.