Package com.oss.asn1

Class EmbeddedPDV

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Cloneable

public class EmbeddedPDV extends Sequence
The EmbeddedPDV class represents the ASN.1 EMBEDDED PDV type. Note that "data-value-descriptor" is not included in the class as it is constrained to be absent.
 EmbeddedPDVType ::= [UNIVERSAL 11] SEQUENCE {
        identification [0] CHOICE {
                syntaxes [0] SEQUENCE {
                    abstract [0] OBJECT IDENTIFIER,
                    transfer [1] OBJECT IDENTIFIER
                syntax [1] OBJECT IDENTIFIER,
                presentation-context-id [2] INTEGER,
                context-negotiation [3] SEQUENCE {
                    presentation-context-id [0] INTEGER,
                    transfer-syntax [1] OBJECT IDENTIFIER
                transfer-syntax [4] OBJECT IDENTIFIER,
                fixed [5] NULL
  --  data-value-descriptor [1] ObjectDescriptor OPTIONAL,
        data-value [2] OCTET STRING
 } -- (WITH COMPONENTS {... , data-value-descriptor ABSENT })
ASN.1/Java 6.0
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  • Field Details

    • _identification

      public EmbeddedPDV.Identification _identification
      Represents the identification field of EMBEDDED-PDV data type
    • _data_value

      public OctetString _data_value
      Represents the data-value field of EMBEDDED-PDV data type
  • Constructor Details

    • EmbeddedPDV

      public EmbeddedPDV()
      The default constructor.
    • EmbeddedPDV

      public EmbeddedPDV(EmbeddedPDV.Identification identification, OctetString data_value)
      Construct with components.
      identification - the identification component.
      data_value - the data-value component.
  • Method Details

    • clone

      public EmbeddedPDV clone()
      Clone 'this' object.
      copy of 'this' object.
    • getIdentification

      public EmbeddedPDV.Identification getIdentification()
      The accessor for the field "identification".
      the value of the "identification" component of the Identification class
    • getData_value

      public OctetString getData_value()
      The accessor for the field "data-value".
      the value of the "data_value" component of the OctetString class
    • setIdentification

      public void setIdentification(EmbeddedPDV.Identification identification)
      The mutator for the field "identification".
      identification - the value of the 1st component to set in the Sequence.
    • setData_value

      public void setData_value(OctetString data_value)
      The mutator for the field "data-value".
      data_value - the value of the 2nd component to set in the Sequence.
    • equalTo

      public boolean equalTo(Sequence that)
      Compare 'this' object to another object to see if their contents are the same.
      Specified by:
      equalTo in class Sequence
      that - the AbstractCollection object to compare 'this' object to.
      true if contents of both objects are the same.
    • getTypeName

      public String getTypeName()
      Returns the name of ASN.1 type this java class represents.
      getTypeName in class Sequence
      the name of the ASN.1 type.