Package com.oss.asn1

Class VisitorException

All Implemented Interfaces:
Direct Known Subclasses:
AVNParseException, DecodeFailedException, EncodeFailedException, ValidateFailedException

public abstract class VisitorException extends AbstractException
The VisitorException class is the base class for all exceptions thrown while executing the Visitor design pattern.
ASN.1/Java 6.0
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  • Method Details

    • appendExtensionContext

      public final void appendExtensionContext(String type, int index)
      Appends reference to an extension to the context trace.
      type - reserved for future use. Currently has no effect.
      index - index of extension in ASN.1 type definition. Negative value denotes an unknown extension.
    • appendFieldContext

      public final void appendFieldContext(String field, String type)
      Appends reference to a field to the context trace.
      field - specifies ASN.1 name of the field
      type - specifies the name of ASN.1 type of the field
    • appendElementContext

      public final void appendElementContext(String field, String type, int index)
      Appends reference to ASN.1 object to the context trace. The object can be an element of SET/SEQUENCE OF, an alternative of a CHOICE, a PDU or a containment of a BIT STRING or an OCTET STRING with content constraint.
      field - specifies the ASN.1 name of the alternative of a CHOICE. Is null when element of SET/SEQUENCE OF, PDU or a containment is referenced.
      type - specifies the name of ASN.1 type of the object.
      index - when the 'field' parameter is null, the value -1 means that PDU is referenced, other negative values mean containment of BIT STRING or OCTET STRING and non-negative value identifies element of a SET OF or SEQUENCE OF. When the 'field' is not null, the value -1 tells that a field of a SEQUENCE or SET is referenced and non-negative value means the alternative in a CHOICE.