Package com.oss.util

package com.oss.util
OSS ASN.1/Java API classes that are utility classes. They are additional classes for printing, converting data, and for XML settings.
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    Thrown by PDU class when decoding is impossible due to multiple PDUs are identified by the same tag.
    This utility class is the extended version of the that has the ability to print the instance of AbstractData in the ASN.1 value notation format.
    This utility class facilitates customization of the formatted string, returned by the toString(ASN1ValueFormat) method of the AbstractData.
    Helper class to distinguish exceptions that occur while converting the the formatted string to the value of the time type.
    The Benchmark is an utility class that can be used for timing the coder.encode() and coder.decode() method calls.
    BERTool is an OSS Type-Length-Value(TLV) Print Utility and a nested utility class suite.
    Thrown when an error is detected in the BER encoded data.
    Provides the readTLV() method to read a complete BER encoding from an input stream and return it as an array of bytes.
    Implements a BER encoding dump in decomposed-TLV format.
    Defines methods that are invoked by the BERTool.dumpTLV(ByteBuffer, DumpBuilder) BER parser.
    Implements a BER encoding dump in extended dump format.
    Implements a BER encoding dump in hexadecimal-TLV format.
    Implements a BER encoding dump in syntax-TLV format.
    Represents BER tags.
    Represents BER tag class values as Java enumeration objects.
    Represents a BER encoding as a TAG, LENGTH, and VALUE triple.
    Thrown by the TLVDump.dumpTLV() method in case of unexpected end of data.
    Represents BER universal tag numbers as Java enumeration objects.
    This class provides utility methods for testing and manipulating byte arrays.
    A utility class for converting binary data to a hexadecimal string.
    This class is used as base class for compiler-generated sample code classes.