OSS NAS Tools for C# for LTE/EPC for 3GPP Release 17.9.0
Oss.Nas1790.UENetworkCapability Class Reference

Represents the UENetworkCapability type More...

Inherits Oss.Nas.Sequence.


class  Ucs2SupportNumbers
 Defines meaningful names for particular values of the ucs2Support field More...

Public Member Functions

 UENetworkCapability ()
 The default constructor.
 UENetworkCapability (Oss.Nas1790.EPSEncryptionAlgorithmsSupported argEpsEncryptionAlgorithmsSupported, Oss.Nas1790.EPSIdentityProtectionAlgorithmsSupported argEpsIdentityProtectionAlgorithmsSupported, Oss.Nas1790.UmtsEncryptionAlgorithmsSupported argUmtsEncryptionAlgorithmsSupported, int argUcs2Support, Oss.Nas1790.UmtsIdentityProtectionAlgorithmsSupported argUmtsIdentityProtectionAlgorithmsSupported, bool argProSeDd, bool argProSe, bool argH245ASHCapability, bool argACCCSFBCapability, bool argLPPCapability, bool argLCSCapability, bool argCdma1xSRVCCCapability, bool argNfCapability, bool argEpco, bool argHcCpCIoT, bool argErwoPDN, bool argS1udata, bool argUpCIoT, bool argCpCIoT, bool argProSeRelay, bool argProSeDc, bool argBearers15, bool argSgc, bool argN1mode, bool argDcnr, bool argCpBackoff, bool argRestrictEC, bool argV2xPC5, bool argMultipleDRB, bool argRpr, bool argPiv, bool argNcr, bool argV2xNRPC5, bool argUpMTEDT, bool argCpMTEDT, bool argWusa, bool argRacs, bool argPtcc, bool argPr, byte[] argSpare2)
 Constructs an instance of UENetworkCapability with the specified components. More...
override bool Equals (object right)
 Determines whether the specified object is equal to the current object. More...
override int GetHashCode ()
 Represents a hash function for a particular type. More...
object Copy ()
 Creates a deep copy of this object. More...


Oss.Nas1790.EPSEncryptionAlgorithmsSupported EpsEncryptionAlgorithmsSupported [get, set]
 Field 'epsEncryptionAlgorithmsSupported' (mandatory)
Oss.Nas1790.EPSIdentityProtectionAlgorithmsSupported EpsIdentityProtectionAlgorithmsSupported [get, set]
 Field 'epsIdentityProtectionAlgorithmsSupported' (mandatory)
Oss.Nas1790.UmtsEncryptionAlgorithmsSupported UmtsEncryptionAlgorithmsSupported [get, set]
 Field 'umtsEncryptionAlgorithmsSupported' (mandatory)
int Ucs2Support [get, set]
 Field 'ucs2Support' (mandatory) The UENetworkCapability.Ucs2SupportNumbers class defines meaningful names for particular values of the field
Oss.Nas1790.UmtsIdentityProtectionAlgorithmsSupported UmtsIdentityProtectionAlgorithmsSupported [get, set]
 Field 'umtsIdentityProtectionAlgorithmsSupported' (mandatory)
bool ProSeDd [get, set]
 Field 'proSe-dd' (mandatory)
bool ProSe [get, set]
 Field 'proSe' (mandatory)
bool H245ASHCapability [get, set]
 Field 'h245-ASHCapability' (mandatory)
bool ACCCSFBCapability [get, set]
 Field 'aCC-CSFBCapability' (mandatory)
bool LPPCapability [get, set]
 Field 'lPPCapability' (mandatory)
bool LCSCapability [get, set]
 Field 'lCSCapability' (mandatory)
bool Cdma1xSRVCCCapability [get, set]
 Field 'cdma1xSRVCCCapability' (mandatory)
bool NfCapability [get, set]
 Field 'nfCapability' (mandatory)
bool Epco [get, set]
 Field 'epco' (mandatory)
bool HcCpCIoT [get, set]
 Field 'hcCpCIoT' (mandatory)
bool ErwoPDN [get, set]
 Field 'erwoPDN' (mandatory)
bool S1udata [get, set]
 Field 's1udata' (mandatory)
bool UpCIoT [get, set]
 Field 'upCIoT' (mandatory)
bool CpCIoT [get, set]
 Field 'cpCIoT' (mandatory)
bool ProSeRelay [get, set]
 Field 'proSe-relay' (mandatory)
bool ProSeDc [get, set]
 Field 'proSe-dc' (mandatory)
bool Bearers15 [get, set]
 Field 'bearers15' (mandatory)
bool Sgc [get, set]
 Field 'sgc' (mandatory)
bool N1mode [get, set]
 Field 'n1mode' (mandatory)
bool Dcnr [get, set]
 Field 'dcnr' (mandatory)
bool CpBackoff [get, set]
 Field 'cpBackoff' (mandatory)
bool RestrictEC [get, set]
 Field 'restrictEC' (mandatory)
bool V2xPC5 [get, set]
 Field 'v2xPC5' (mandatory)
bool MultipleDRB [get, set]
 Field 'multipleDRB' (mandatory)
bool Rpr [get, set]
 Field 'rpr' (mandatory)
bool Piv [get, set]
 Field 'piv' (mandatory)
bool Ncr [get, set]
 Field 'ncr' (mandatory)
bool V2xNRPC5 [get, set]
 Field 'v2xNR-PC5' (mandatory)
bool UpMTEDT [get, set]
 Field 'up-MT-EDT' (mandatory)
bool CpMTEDT [get, set]
 Field 'cp-MT-EDT' (mandatory)
bool Wusa [get, set]
 Field 'wusa' (mandatory)
bool Racs [get, set]
 Field 'racs' (mandatory)
int Spare [get]
 Field 'spare' (mandatory, readonly)
bool Ptcc [get, set]
 Field 'ptcc' (mandatory)
bool Pr [get, set]
 Field 'pr' (mandatory)
byte[] Spare2 [get, set]
 Field 'spare2' (mandatory)

Detailed Description

Represents the UENetworkCapability type

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ UENetworkCapability()

Oss.Nas1790.UENetworkCapability.UENetworkCapability ( Oss.Nas1790.EPSEncryptionAlgorithmsSupported  argEpsEncryptionAlgorithmsSupported,
Oss.Nas1790.EPSIdentityProtectionAlgorithmsSupported  argEpsIdentityProtectionAlgorithmsSupported,
Oss.Nas1790.UmtsEncryptionAlgorithmsSupported  argUmtsEncryptionAlgorithmsSupported,
int  argUcs2Support,
Oss.Nas1790.UmtsIdentityProtectionAlgorithmsSupported  argUmtsIdentityProtectionAlgorithmsSupported,
bool  argProSeDd,
bool  argProSe,
bool  argH245ASHCapability,
bool  argACCCSFBCapability,
bool  argLPPCapability,
bool  argLCSCapability,
bool  argCdma1xSRVCCCapability,
bool  argNfCapability,
bool  argEpco,
bool  argHcCpCIoT,
bool  argErwoPDN,
bool  argS1udata,
bool  argUpCIoT,
bool  argCpCIoT,
bool  argProSeRelay,
bool  argProSeDc,
bool  argBearers15,
bool  argSgc,
bool  argN1mode,
bool  argDcnr,
bool  argCpBackoff,
bool  argRestrictEC,
bool  argV2xPC5,
bool  argMultipleDRB,
bool  argRpr,
bool  argPiv,
bool  argNcr,
bool  argV2xNRPC5,
bool  argUpMTEDT,
bool  argCpMTEDT,
bool  argWusa,
bool  argRacs,
bool  argPtcc,
bool  argPr,
byte[]  argSpare2 

Constructs an instance of UENetworkCapability with the specified components.

argEpsEncryptionAlgorithmsSupportedThe value of the epsEncryptionAlgorithmsSupported mandatory field
argEpsIdentityProtectionAlgorithmsSupportedThe value of the epsIdentityProtectionAlgorithmsSupported mandatory field
argUmtsEncryptionAlgorithmsSupportedThe value of the umtsEncryptionAlgorithmsSupported mandatory field
argUcs2SupportThe value of the ucs2Support mandatory field
argUmtsIdentityProtectionAlgorithmsSupportedThe value of the umtsIdentityProtectionAlgorithmsSupported mandatory field
argProSeDdThe value of the proSe-dd mandatory field
argProSeThe value of the proSe mandatory field
argH245ASHCapabilityThe value of the h245-ASHCapability mandatory field
argACCCSFBCapabilityThe value of the aCC-CSFBCapability mandatory field
argLPPCapabilityThe value of the lPPCapability mandatory field
argLCSCapabilityThe value of the lCSCapability mandatory field
argCdma1xSRVCCCapabilityThe value of the cdma1xSRVCCCapability mandatory field
argNfCapabilityThe value of the nfCapability mandatory field
argEpcoThe value of the epco mandatory field
argHcCpCIoTThe value of the hcCpCIoT mandatory field
argErwoPDNThe value of the erwoPDN mandatory field
argS1udataThe value of the s1udata mandatory field
argUpCIoTThe value of the upCIoT mandatory field
argCpCIoTThe value of the cpCIoT mandatory field
argProSeRelayThe value of the proSe-relay mandatory field
argProSeDcThe value of the proSe-dc mandatory field
argBearers15The value of the bearers15 mandatory field
argSgcThe value of the sgc mandatory field
argN1modeThe value of the n1mode mandatory field
argDcnrThe value of the dcnr mandatory field
argCpBackoffThe value of the cpBackoff mandatory field
argRestrictECThe value of the restrictEC mandatory field
argV2xPC5The value of the v2xPC5 mandatory field
argMultipleDRBThe value of the multipleDRB mandatory field
argRprThe value of the rpr mandatory field
argPivThe value of the piv mandatory field
argNcrThe value of the ncr mandatory field
argV2xNRPC5The value of the v2xNR-PC5 mandatory field
argUpMTEDTThe value of the up-MT-EDT mandatory field
argCpMTEDTThe value of the cp-MT-EDT mandatory field
argWusaThe value of the wusa mandatory field
argRacsThe value of the racs mandatory field
argPtccThe value of the ptcc mandatory field
argPrThe value of the pr mandatory field
argSpare2The value of the spare2 mandatory field

Member Function Documentation

◆ Copy()

object Oss.Nas1790.UENetworkCapability.Copy ( )

Creates a deep copy of this object.

A new object that is a deep copy of this instance.

◆ Equals()

override bool Oss.Nas1790.UENetworkCapability.Equals ( object  right)

Determines whether the specified object is equal to the current object.

rightThe object to compare with this object.
true when the specified object is equal to the current object; otherwise, false.

◆ GetHashCode()

override int Oss.Nas1790.UENetworkCapability.GetHashCode ( )

Represents a hash function for a particular type.

A hash code for the current object.