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The OSS® ASN.1 Tools for C is a complete development toolkit for rapidly building applications using ASN.1. This product features a powerful ASN.1:2008 capable compiler, a runtime library with ASN.1 BER, CER, DER, PER, OER, XER, CXER and E-XER encoder/decoder engines, and a rich collection of utilities to simplify and speed your development. The OSS ASN.1 Tools for C fully support 4G (LTE: RRC, S1, and X2 protocols).

The compiler takes ASN.1 specifications as input, and generates C language data structures plus control tables for encoding and decoding. The OSS compiler offers extensive diagnostic capabilities to minimize your development time and effort.

Now with support for partial decoding

A set of runtime libraries provides ASN.1 encoding and decoding functions and valuable auxiliary functions to operate on application messages. The OSS runtime libraries have been ported to 250+ platforms, including many embedded platforms.

Support for E-XER allows generation of XML compatible with output from XML Schema tools.

Support for OER allows working with ASN.1 binary messages that can be encoded/decoded significantly faster than BER and PER messages, while being only slightly less compact than PER messages.

If you need high speed encoding/decoding and the smallest possible memory footprint, look no further. Simply put, the OSS ASN.1 Tools for C are the most optimized ASN.1 tools you will ever find.

ASN.1 Tools for C features
  • unparalleled speed of encoders and decoders
  • backward compatibility guaranteed
  • ASN.1 Studio, an intuitive IDE for ASN.1 specification editing and message analysis
  • large (1024 bit) INTEGERs (for cryptographic applications)
  • unlimited value size
  • type representations which reflect the semantics of ASN.1 (4 byte UniversalStrings, Time classes)
  • encoding of extensible types (unknown extensions)
  • improve your performance with optional customization of automatic decoding
  • automatic decoding for any kind of constraint
  • no implementation restrictions; never rewrite your ASN.1 to accommodate encoding limitations
  • defer decoding of any individual field or type
  • file and socket support
  • concatenated PDU support
  • contents constraints (full support)
  • generate XML stylesheet or DTD for each PDU
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