OSS Nokalva and WizYa Technologies
Demonstrate LTE UE - eNodeB Interoperability

Somerset, N.J., January 17, 2012

OSS Nokalva, Inc. and WizYa Technologies, Ltd. demonstrated interoperability between a multi UE protocol stack based on OSS Nokalva's LTE UE protocol stack and Nomor Research's LTE eNodeB protocol stack implementation.

OSS Nokalva's LTE UE L2/L3 protocol stack was extended by WizYa to support multiple UEs and combined with WizYa's unique IP. This multi UE stack is capable of simulating hundreds of UEs while running on general purpose hardware, such as Intel, Freescale, or TI processors.

WizYa Technologies utilizes OSS Nokalva's LTE UE L2/L3 protocol stack and ASN.1 solution in its MUCE product, which introduces a new cost-effective solution for optimizing eNodeBs and LTE deployments in realistic environments through large-scale UE emulation.

The LTE eNodeB protocol stack of Nomor, a leader in the base station software industry, has been used for the interoperability testing. Successful completion of various LTE signaling procedures with multiple parallel UEs has been demonstrated.

"With the ever increasing complexity of cellular infrastructure, software performance is crucial to building cost effective test solutions that meet operator and developer needs. Our cooperation with OSS Nokalva enables us to reach such high performance. The process of integrating OSS Nokalva's LTE UE L2/L3 protocol stack and ASN.1 Tools into our product was smooth and exceeded our expectations.", said Ran Yaniv, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder at WizYa Technologies.

"OSS is excited to be working with WizYa Technologies on its MUCE product for LTE network optimization. This innovative product is a perfect showcase for the high performance and ease of integration the OSS LTE UE protocol stack and ASN.1 Tools are known for. We look forward to continuing to cooperate with WizYa on creative solutions for the cellular market", said Grace Sigona, Director of Business Development at OSS Nokalva, Inc.

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About OSS Nokalva, Inc.
OSS Nokalva, Inc. (www.oss.com), a privately held company located in Somerset, New Jersey, has been offering the highest quality standards-based software, support, and services since 1988. OSS has been instrumental in the development of ASN.1, 4G, and XML standards, and standards-based solutions. OSS' international customer base of more than 1200 customers includes leaders in Telecommunications, Security, Finance, Aviation, Space, Automotive, and Government.

About WizYa Technologies
WizYa Technologies, Ltd. (www.wizyatech.com), a privately held company located in Ra'anana, Israel, develops innovative solutions for the 4th generation cellular market. WizYa Technologies' LTE L1 and system technology is suitable for integration in a wide range of products such as eNodeBs and test equipment.

About Nomor Research
Nomor Research, based in Munich, Germany, is a leading company in the research and development of future and emerging communication systems, offering related consultancy services and products. Nomor is known for its state of the art LTE eNB protocol stack implementation, where Nomor offers LTE software modules and related design, integration and test services for macro-, pico- or femto-cell base stations or test equipment.


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