Helpful, easy to use utilities for ASN.1, JSON, and NAS users:

  • ASN.1 Playground
    Compile, encode, and decode ASN.1 schemas.
  • ASN.1 Analyzer
    Improve your ASN.1 schema.
  • ASN1Doc
    Create an HTML document from your ASN.1 schema with a few clicks.
  • JSON/Schema2Asn
    Generate an ASN.1 schema from a JSON message or a JSON schema with a few clicks.
  • Proto2ASN
    Migrate Proto schemas into ASN.1 schemas.
  • ASN1Vsix
    This ASN.1 extension for Microsoft Visual Studio, which is available for Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code, makes it faster and easier to create, modify, and validate your ASN.1 schemas.
  • NAS Playground
    Decode your NAS messages.
  • PKI Inspector
    Troubleshoot certificates, cryptographic keys, digitally signed messages, and other crypto data encoded in ASN.1 DER. You can inspect the data in two modes: in schema-less mode (when a schema is not available) or in schema-based mode (when a schema is available). In schema based mode, you can also inspect only a part of the data (for example, a payload).
  • CDR Inspector
    Troubleshoot your Call Data Records (CDR). The tool detects BER format/TLV parsing errors and mismatch errors between the schema and the record.
  • ASN.1 Python Compiler, Encoder, Decoder
    Get the data bindings for your schema, encode, decode, and validate your data.

asn.1 made simple

ASN.1 Made Simple

If you are new to ASN.1 and want to find out more about it without going too deeply into technical details, you may want to check out our short ASN.1 overview with simple examples and explanations of the most common ASN.1 features.


ASN.1 Workflow

Read about the workflow of developing with ASN.1, from defining your data and protocols in an ASN.1 specification, to developing and running an application that uses ASN.1.



Most asked questions about ASN.1.



Standard documents that define the ASN.1 language, as well as many standards that employ ASN.1 for data and protocol definitions.



Our list of ASN.1 books, other publications and external links about ASN.1.



Comprehensive glossary of ASN.1 terms.


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