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ASN.1 Expertise


At OSS Nokalva, we know how to create software tools that are efficient and dependable. Our ASN.1 Tools have been used for over twenty years by hundreds of organizations. Hundreds of millions of copies of our ASN.1 runtime libraries have been deployed worldwide in application areas such as 3G/4G Mobile Systems, Telecommunications Networks, Aviation and Space Communication, Security, Financial Services, Intelligent Transportation, and Military/Defense Systems. From the smartphone in your pocket, to the satellite out in space, OSS' ASN.1 software is in there!

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Why is OSS Nokalva the supplier chosen by the most demanding organizations worldwide? It is because we do not deliver just software—we deliver our ASN.1 expertise.

We deliver reliability. We have developed a robust software testing methodology that we apply to every one of our products. All of our software is subjected to extensive automated testing that is repeated every day, not only for new products but also for existing ones, to ensure that changes to the code never introduce errors.

We deliver experience. We know how to write high-quality code that can be safely ported to any existing software/hardware platform, and we have completed hundreds of such ports ourselves. Our ASN.1 encoding/decoding libraries are already available on over 500 software/hardware platforms, and this number continues to steadily increase. Most of these platforms are embedded systems.

We deliver performance. We know how to write code that runs fast on any computing device, including embedded systems, making optimum use of the available computing resources.

We deliver assistance when and how you need it. We offer ASN.1 training courses, which provides another way of making available to our customers both our knowledge of the ASN.1 standards and our experience in dealing with ASN.1 tool users. Finally, we strive to assist our customers by offering high-quality, continuous technical support twenty-four hours a day, seven days per week.

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