What's New

Applies to: NAS/C 5G r16.8.0 v8.3.1-8.3.2

What's New in NAS/C 5G r16.8.0 v8.3.2


  • For some of the QoS rule operations, table (Chapter in TS 24.501 specifies the presence or absence of the QoS rule precedence and QoS flow identifier fields. For other operations, the standard does not explicitly specify whether these fields are absent or present.
    In this version of the OSS NAS/C 5G Tools, the QoS rule precedence and QoS flow identifier fields are optional. Previously, unless the standard indicated otherwise, these fields were treated as mandatory.
    NOTE: It is the responsibility of the application to make sure that when the optional segregationAndQFI field is present in a NAS message passed to ossNASEncode(), the antecedent optional qosRulePrecedence field is also present.

What's New in NAS/C 5G r16.8.0 v8.3.1


  • The ossNASPrintPDU() API function now prints the value of a read-only field "as is" and prefixes it with the <!--AUTO--> comment. Previously, read-only fields were always printed as 0. Note that the application does not need to set a read-only field because the ossNASEncode() function ignores its value and sets the corresponding value in the encoded message as required by the 3GPP NAS technical specification. Therefore the values of read-only fields in a NAS message printed by ossNASPrintPDU() are irrelevant if the message will be passed to ossNASEncode().
  • For consistency with other instances of the Mapped HPLMN Slice Differentiator, the type of the NAS5GS1680_MappedSNSSAIContentEntry structure's mappedHPLMNSD field is changed from ossOctetString to NAS5GS1680_SD, which is OSS_UINT32.

This documentation applies to the OSS NAS Tools for C for 5G v8.3.1-8.3.2 for 3GPP Release 16.8.0.

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