What's New

Applies to: NAS/C LTE/EPC r13.10.0 v5.2.1

What's New in NAS/C LTE/EPC r13.10.0 v5.2.1


The Encoder-Decoder now correctly decodes the EMM Cause IE value of 0x23 "Requested service option not authorized in this PLMN". Previously, this value was treated as unknown and decoded as 0x37 "Protocol error, unspecified".

What's New in NAS/C LTE/EPC r13.10.0 v5.2.0


The Encoder-Decoder now correctly handles the MS Network Capability IE with the GEA/1 bit set to 1 (older NAS releases allowed it). Previously, such IE could be skipped by the decoder.

What's New in NAS/C LTE/EPC r13.10.0 v5.1.0

New Features

  1. Support for NAS version 13.10.0 has been added.
  2. The decoding of certain variable-length IEs ending with one or more optional octets (UE network capability IE, Mobile station classmark 3 IE, and MS network capability IE) has been modified so any missing optional octets at the end of the IE are treated as zeros. This allows the decoding operation to proceed without error even when an IE is sent that lacks one or more fields at the end, provided that the octets that would have carried the missing fields are marked as optional in the relevant technical specification. This could occur when the sender intentionally omits one or more trailing zero octets from those IEs (e.g., in order to save space) or when the sender uses an older NAS release and the NAS release used by the recipient extends the definition of those IEs by one or more octets.

    The parts of the NAS*.h header file that correspond to the three IEs in question have been modified in a non-backward-compatible way. If you have existing code that uses the NAS API, you will have to make minor changes to your code to support the new structures.

This documentation applies to the OSS NAS Tools for C for LTE/EPC v5.2.1 for 3GPP Release 13.10.0.

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