Why does the decoder issue error message D0023E about the INTEGER or ENUMERATED value being too long?

If an INTEGER or ENUMERATED value is too big to fit into a default INTEGER representation, the decoder issues the following error message:

D0023E: Integer or enumerated value too long: 211928987207936; check field ... 

To avoid such messages use the --<LONGLONG>-- ASN.1 compiler directive:

CallReference ::= [APPLICATION 45] INTEGER --<LONGLONG>--


--<OSS.LONGLONG Module.CallReference>--
CallReference ::= [APPLICATION 45] INTEGER

The default is always --<OSS.INT>--. Use of --<LONGLONG>-- on Windows 2000/NT/9x/ME, for example, would make a maximum INTEGER value to be 18446744073709551615.

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