I'm getting a constraint error for an opentype variable. The error mentions that the size of the encoding is zero. What's wrong?

A few things could cause this problem:

  • You are trying to automatically encode/decode an open type but forgot to set the AUTOMATIC_ENCDEC flag by calling ossSetFlags() or ossSetEncodingFlags().
  • You are trying to automatically encode/decode an ASN1.DeferDecoding open type value. Open types created by the use of the ASN1.DeferDecoding directive can only be manually encoded/decoded separately from their containing structures.
  • You are trying to automatically encode/decode an open type which has no component relation constraint applied to it in the ASN.1 specification. Only open types with component relation constraints may be encoded/decoded automatically.
  • You are manually encoding/decoding an open type but forgot to set the encoded and length fields of the OpenType instance to point to the manually encoded PDU and its length.

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