What is the significance of using the VC++ compiler options /MT vs. /MD?

If you want to link statically with the OSS and Microsoft code, you should use /MT and soeddefa.lib for the space-optimized (SOED), and toedcode.lib for the time-optimized (TOED) encoder/decoder APIs.

If you want to link statically with the OSS code but dynamically with the Microsoft C-runtime library, like msvcrt.dll, you should use /MD and soeddemd.lib for the SOED, and toedcomd.lib for the TOED APIs.

If you want to link dynamically with both OSS and Microsoft code, you should use /MD and ossapi.lib for the SOED, and ossapit.lib for the TOED APIs.

It is important that you C-compile your entire Windows VC++ project with either /MT or /MD to avoid having multiple copies of the C runtime code in memory when your application runs.

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