Is there a way to use the ossPrintPDU() function when the time-optimized runtime is in use?

Starting with version 5.0 of the OSS ASN.1 Tools for C, the ossPrintPDU() can be called even when the time-optimized runtime is in use. However in order for this function to work, you must ASN.1-compile your syntax with both the -codeFile and -debug (default) options specified. Additionally, you must #define the OSSPRINT macro when C-compiling or C++-compiling the generated .c file.

If you do not follow the above guidelines, ossPrintPDU() will return the NULL_FCN error code. Additionally, note that your application code size will be larger if you enable the ossPrintPDU() function.

The samples included with some of the Knowledge Center answers are meant for your general understanding of the OSS products. Different versions of the products might produce slightly different outputs. Consult the products documentation and samples for the most up-to-date products information and code examples.

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