How is the Lean encoder/decoder (LED) different from the regular API? Is it possible to easily switch between the two encoder/decoders without changing my code?

The LED reduces size and increases speed by allowing only one C representation for each of the various ASN.1 types.

For example, character strings are always represented as a structure that contains a length and a pointer to the string value. Contrast this with the SOED and TOED which allow you to choose from a wide variety of C representations. For example, a character string can be represented as a null-terminated string, a C struct containing a length and a pointer, a C structure containing a length followed immediately by the character string value, etc.

As such, it is quite likely that you would not be able to switch to using the LED without code modification on your side, for the C representations chosen by the LED could be different from the ones that you are using.

For more information about our runtime libraries, see the Runtime Choices section.

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