I am getting a ClassFormatError when running the JDK. Why is this happening and what can I do to resolve it?

You may get a ClassFormatError when running the JDK for two possible reasons:

  • because some ASN.1 specifications lead to generation of a large number of initialized static variables which correspond to ASN.1 value references and information object sets. Some Java compilers combine such static initializations into one large internally defined method and it is possible that the method's size will exceed the 64K method size limit which is imposed by many existing JVMs. It can result in an application failure with a ClassFormatException thrown by the JVM. or
  • because some ASN.1 specifications have a very large number of components of a SEQUENCE, or SET. If you use the -limitCons option with a number exceeding 200, a constructor with a very large number of parameters for that type will be generated.

To resolve the first issue, you need to run the OSS ASN.1/Java compiler with the -splitValues option.

To resolve the later issue, you need to run the OSS ASN.1/Java compiler without the -limitCons option, or reduce the number that you use with the -limitCons option.

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