I would like to create a generic encode() method which would create the Coder instance before calling encode . How can I do this?

Let's suppose you have an ASN.1 spec called myproject and a PDU type called Myclass. The myproject.Myclass.getBERCoder() method returns a generic coder that will work for other protocols too. The only limitation is that you cannot use the feature which automatically detects the type of the incoming PDUs (or pass 'null' for the second argument to decode()) when using this coder to decode messages from another protocol. But since you are looking for the generic encoder, this limitation is unlikely to be restrictive for you.

For example, you can implement your generic encode() as follows:

public class CoderFactory { 
  public static BERCoder getBERCoder() { 
    return myproject.Myclass.getBERCoder(); 

encode(AbstractData abstractData) { 
  com.oss.asn1.BERCoder coder = CoderFactory.getBERCoder(); 
  ByteArrayOutputStream out = new ByteArrayOutputStream(); 
  coder.encode(abstractData, out); 

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