Do you have a sample that demonstrates Contents Constraints (or how to encode and decode BIT STRINGS and OCTET STRINGS with Encoding Rules that are not ASN.1)?

This example demonstrates Contents Constraints. It illustrates automatic and manual encoding/decoding of a PDU with a nested BIT STRING that has a contents constraint imposed.

This sample demonstrates:

  • The use of the Coder class of the API to enable/disable automatic decoding of the contained values.
  • How the application can get/set an encoded and decoded component of the containing BIT STRING.

To make it easier for you to run the example from the command line, two scripts are included, a Unix .sh and a Windows .bat.

To run it on a Unix platform, change directory to the cont directory and type:


To run it on Windows, change directory to the cont directory and type:


To do a cleanup on Unix, type:

./ cleanup

To do a cleanup on Windows, type:

run cleanup

To download, click on the file below:

The samples included with some of the Knowledge Center answers are meant for your general understanding of the OSS products. Different versions of the products might produce slightly different outputs. Consult the products documentation and samples for the most up-to-date products information and code examples.

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