When we try to BER decode what our non-OSS encoder gave us there is a problem. Is there a way to check the encoding to see if it is ok?

Yes, there is. Included in every shipment of the OSS Tools is an executable program called osstlv.

The OSS TLV Print Utility, osstlv, is a utility program that takes a BER or DER encoding in ASCII or binary format from an input file and writes it to an output file in one of three different type-length-value (TLV) formats.

BER or DER encodings can be printed in any one of the following formats: hexadecimal-TLV, decomposed-TLV or syntax-TLV. It can take as input ASN.1 or binary files. It has a few other features and makes debugging ASN.1 a breeze.

The samples included with some of the Knowledge Center answers are meant for your general understanding of the OSS products. Different versions of the products might produce slightly different outputs. Consult the products documentation and samples for the most up-to-date products information and code examples.

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