Why is there no PDU defined by the ASN.1 compiler for some types even though the type definitions are present in my ASN.1 syntax?

Suppose that you have defined in your ASN.1:


Foo ::= SEQUENCE { bar INTEGER, foo OpenLogicalChannel } OpenLogicalChannel ::= SEQUENCE OF OCTET STRING END

Since OpenLogicalChannel is referenced by another type, the ASN.1 compiler will not by default generate a PDU for it. You can override the default behavior by using the PDU compiler directive. For example, use the following before the definition of YourModule:

--<OSS.PDU YourModule.OpenLogicalChannel>--

You can either put such a directive in a directives.asn file (or whatever name you choose) and you specify that file on the command line before the file that contains YourModule, or you can put it at the top of the file that contains YourModule.

The other alternative (which works well when the number of PDUs is few) is to use a local directive, --<PDU>--:

OpenLogicalChannel ::= SEQUENCE --<PDU>-- OF OCTET STRING

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