2010 LTE and WiMAX ASN.1 Seminar


OSS Nokalva recently conducted two free, one-day seminars on ASN.1. The first seminar was offered to 3GPP RAN2 meeting attendees in conjunction with the RAN2 meeting in Stockholm, Sweden on June 27, 2010. The session was hosted by Ericsson, and was tailored for the needs of RAN2 specifications that make use of ASN.1 such as the Radio Resource Control protocol of LTE.

The second seminar was offered to IEEE 802.16m meeting attendees in conjunction with the IEEE 802 meeting in San Diego, California, on July 11, 2010 and was designed for WiMAX experts who are developing the new "WiMAX 2" specification, whose control messages will be specified in ASN.1.

In both seminars the OSS ASN-1Step tool was used for the exercises. This tool allowed seminar attendees to create ASN.1 types, check the syntax for correctness, use a graphical PDU editor to create and view messages, and examine at the bit level how messages are constructed in PER.

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