OSS Nokalva Version Information Utility


The OSS Nokalva Version Information Utility, osswhat (osswhat.exe on Windows), extracts version information from a specified file. This utility helps users examine the internal version information of the OSS Nokalva executables and runtime libraries. Users can also use this utility to determine the version of the OSS libraries that were used to build their own static application executable. Such information is often helpful to the OSS Nokalva technical support team and to users that have multiple versions of the OSS ASN.1 Tools.

NOTE: The OSS Nokalva Version Information Utility is only available on common platforms like Linux, Windows, and Solaris, and may not be available for your embedded system port. If you are interested in this utility for your platform, contact OSS Nokalva Sales.

Command Line

osswhat [-spattern] filename ...

where filename is the name of the user's application executable or the name of an OSS Nokalva library file.


-spattern instructs the utility to stop after the first occurrence of a pattern.


osswhat asn1.exe

This documentation applies to the latest versions of the OSS® ASN.1 Tools software.

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