ASN.1 GeneralString tag: 27

The ASN.1 GeneralString type is the broadest of the ASN.1 defined string types. It may contain any characters from a "G" and "C" set of any standardized character sets.

Similar to the GraphicString type, GeneralString is too general to be implemented, therefore it is not recommended. The following types can be used instead: UTF8String, BMPString, or UniversalString.


LettersPlus ::= GeneralString
GeneralString encoding example
Ch1 ::= GeneralString
mixedChars Ch1 ::= "ABCΣΔ"

In BER, the GeneralString type value defined in the example above is encoded as follows:

1B 05 4142433F3F


The GeneralString type can be constrained by a single value, by size constraints, and by permitted alphabet constraints.

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