What is the purpose of the ASN.1 module with the equivalent of XSD built-in types xsd.asn?

The OSS XSD to ASN.1 tools convert W3C XML Schema definitions to ASN.1 modules according to the ITU-T Recommendation X.694 | ISO/IEC 8825-4 (Information Technology - ASN.1 Encoding Rules: Mapping W3C XML Schema definitions into ASN.1). From each original XSD input schema, the OSS tools create one ASN.1 module. In addition, one special ASN.1 module for the XSD namespace is created (if needed). This special ASN.1 module contains a subset of standardized ASN.1 type assignments that correspond to each of the XSD built-in types that are referenced in the XSD components defined in the input schemas.

The XSD module with the full set of standardized ASN.1 type assignments corresponding to all XSD built-in types generated by the Version 2 mapping specified in Annex A of ITU-T Recommendation X.694 | ISO/IEC 8825-4 .

You can download this ASN.1 module here.

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