New Uses of ASN.1


For 30 years, ASN.1 has been a key communication ingredient in a variety of industries such as, Wired and Wireless Telecommunication, Aviation, Space, Security, and many more.

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The secret of ASN.1's success lies in its strong foundation and great adaptability. Since its introduction in the '80s, there has been a constant effort to keep it up with modern communication requirements. After the initial support for the tag-length-value family of ASN.1 encoding rules (BER/DER), came support for the most compact encoding rules (PER/UPER), support for XML encoding rules (XER/E-XER), support for the fastest encoding rules (OER), support for the popular JSON (JSON-ER), and many more.

Although traditionally associated with the Telecommunication industry (3GPP standards in particular), ASN.1 continues to be chosen in many other areas that require a standardized way to define and create messages that are small and lightning fast. ASN.1 has a proven record of satisfying these requirements.

Embedded Systems Challenge

The 21st century communication is dominated by ever smaller devices that took over our homes, cars, planes, satellites, factories and lives. Consequently, the memory footprint and processing speed requirements for ASN.1 encoder/decoders are more challenging than ever.

OSS has extensive porting experience, having ported to over 500 platforms, including many complex embedded platforms. Among the embedded platforms to which OSS has ported are VxWorks, LynxOS, OSE Delta, QNX, pSOS, and many others. ASN.1 encoder/decoder libraries for a large number of platforms are already available in binary form. Upon request from a customer, OSS will port the ASN.1 Tools to any platform required.

Measurement and evaluation is a part of daily life at OSS for our product teams. As part of OSS' normal product lifecycle, we continue to seek ways to improve the performance of our offerings and even customize our offerings to meet your challenging needs.

Rest assured, we are here to help you meet your performance requirements!
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