OSS Nokalva Announces ASN.1 4G-Ready Tools

Somerset, N.J., November 30, 2011

OSS Nokalva, Inc. announced today its new ASN.1 4G productivity toolkit, ASN.1 4G-Ready Tools.

The OSS Nokalva ASN.1 4G-Ready Tools is a complete, easy to use 4G ASN.1 productivity kit, tailored to meet the needs of LTE & WiMAX developers. You get all you need to support ASN.1 4G development, all in one place, and all from a company whose commitment to quality and service you know you can rely on.

Component Features
LTE/WiMAX ASN.1 Specifications
LTE Rel 8 (8.7.0), and 9 (9.4.0) S1, X2, RRC, as well as IEEE 802.16m ASN.1 specifications
ASN.1/C Compiler Powerful ASN.1:2008 capable compiler
ASN.1/C Encoder/Decoders
Industry-proven, reliable ASN.1 runtime libraries capable of unparalleled encoding/decoding speed.
ASN.1 Encoding/Decoding Samples Sample code showing how to encode/decode 3GPP LTE S1, X2 and RRC, as well as IEEE 802.16m data using the OSS ASN.1 runtime
ASN.1 Studio
ASN.1 IDE that further simplifies 4G development. Includes custom projects and sample messages for 3GPP LTE S1, X2 and RRC, as well as IEEE 802.16m
S1/X2 ASN.1 Library Shields S1/X2 developers from low-level ASN.1 data structure manipulation
S1/X2 Dispatcher Manages low-level SCTP communication, synchronous and asynchronous S1/X2 calls, matches S1/X2 requests and responses on the server side, handles S1/X2 timeouts
S1/X2 API Samples Sample code showing how to create messages using the S1/X2 ASN.1 Library API, as well as how to send synchronous/asynchronous messages using the S1/X2 Dispatcher API
Documentation API and Getting Started user manuals
Technical Support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

The ASN.1 4G-Ready toolkit goes beyond support for low-level ASN.1 development. The kit includes several runtime libraries that ease your implementation of 3GPP LTE S1 and X2 protocols for eNodeBs/MMEs.

For more information please contact our sales staff at info@oss.com or +1-732-302-9669. Our toll free number is: 1-888-OSS-2761 (USA and Canada).

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