• "My students liked working with ASN.1 Studio very much, because they could analyze each value with the editor and get a feeling of the BER and PER encodings."
  • Sandra Frei
    University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil, Switzerland
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ASN.1 Studio

ASN.1 Studio® is a powerful IDE included with several of the OSS ASN.1 products on the Windows, Linux, and macOS platforms. Without writing any code, you can use ASN.1 Studio to graphically create or modify ASN.1 values, import and edit ASN.1 schemas, generate customized sample code to encode/decode ASN.1 messages, work with CSV files, work with ASN.1 CDR files, export your project to popular IDEs, and much more.

NewProjectLanguage-specific Projects ProjectOptionsVariety of Project Options ProjectSchemasSchema Editor with Color-coding, Auto-completion ImportSchemaFromWordDocImporting ASN.1 Schema from Docs ValueEditorHex Viewer with TLV and Component Highlights

Language-specific Projects Variety of Project Options Color-coding, Auto-completion Importing ASN.1 Schema from Docs Hex Viewer with TLV and Component Highlights

ValueEditorPerDetailsPER Encoding Detailed View SideBySideValueViewMessages Side-by-side View GeneratedHeaderFileLanguage-specific Code Generation ValueGenerationPropertiesCustomizable ASN.1 Message Generation SampleCodeForValueSample Code Customized for Your Schema

PER Encoding Detailed View Messages Side-by-side View Language-specific Code Generation Customizable ASN.1 Message Generation Sample Code Customized for Your Schema

Export Wizard Step1Export to Visual Studio - Step 1 Export Wizard Step1Export to Visual Studio - Step 2 Add CDR File to ProjectCDR Customization Open As CSVOpen CSV Files Save As CSVSave CSV Files

Export to Visual Studio - Step 1 Export to Visual Studio - Step 2 CDR Customization Open CSV Files Save CSV Files

Code generation

Depending on the language supported by the product you purchased, ASN.1 Studio is capable of generating C, C++, C#, or Java source code from the ASN.1 specification.

ASN.1 Studio

(part of C, C++, C#, Java Tools and ASN-1Step)

For example, if you purchased ASN.1 Tools for C, you will be able to generate the .c and .h files that you need to use in your development with ASN.1 Studio instead of the ASN.1/C command-line compiler.

ASN.1 Editor

You can create, modify, and view ASN.1 specification files using the powerful visual editor which is specifically designed for editing ASN.1 notation.

Support for
any valid
ASN.1 schema

  • Support for the latest ASN.1 standards
  • Helpful error identification - precise and informative parsing messages
  • Importing from Microsoft Word - ASN.1 Studio can automatically detect and extract an ASN.1 specification from a Microsoft Word file
  • A set of commonly used ASN.1 specifications from various standards is included

Message Viewer/Editor

ASN.1 Studio can handle messages encoded in any of the standard ASN.1 encoding rules (BER, CER, DER, PER/UPER, CPER/CUPER, OER, COER, XER, CXER, E-XER, and JSON).

ASN.1 Studio is included with our ASN.1 Tools for C, C++, C#, and Java, as well as with ASN-1Step.

  • Reliable, conformant ASN.1 encoding/decoding - ASN.1 Studio is built on the robust and proven ASN.1 encoding/decoding technology from OSS Nokalva.
  • The Value Editor displays a message in a tree view.
  • Unrestricted message manipulations - create, load from file, modify, save, re-encode to a different encoding - for example, a PER message can be re-encoded and saved in XML format
  • Immediate encoding and feedback when modifying the message
  • Enumerations and choice alternatives are presented as drop-down lists, thus preventing the input of illegal values for those types.

Specialized Message Viewers

ASN.1 Studio has the ability to display message encodings in a variety of formats depending on the encoding rule used. The following viewers are included.

  • An ASN.1 value notation viewer, which can display any ASN.1 value, including those defined within the ASN.1 specification.
  • A basic hexadecimal viewer, which can be used with all standard encoding rules.
  • A BER encoding viewer, which can be used with BER, DER, and CER, and shows the details of an encoding (tags, lengths, and values).
  • A PER encoding viewer, which can be used with both PER Aligned and PER Unaligned variants, to show even the bit-level details of an encoding.
  • An OER encoding viewer, which can be used to show even the bit-level details of an OER encoding.
  • An XER encoding viewer, which can be used with Basic XER and Extended XER, to handle XML text.

These viewers are powerful tools in the hands of a specification writer or implementer, as they describe each bit or group of bits in the encoding and relate them to the definitions in the ASN.1 specification. For example, you can make a change in a definition and see the effects of that change in the PER encoding, or you can analyze an encoded message that was received or produced by your application.

More recent ASN.1 Studio features
  • Generation of schema-specific sample code for encoding/decoding the PDU of your choice
  • Generation of new ASN.1 values that are highly customizable
  • Exporting your project to Visual Studio, NetBeans or Eclipse IDE projects, makefiles, shell scripts, and ANT build scripts
  • Support for the new OER, COER, and JSON encoding rules
  • Support for conversion from/to Comma Separated Value (CSV) files
  • CDR-specific customization
  • Searches for ASN.1 types definitions and references via the ASN.1 Schema Editor