ASN.1/Java 5.0, ASN.1/C++ 5.0 and ASN-1Step 6.0

OSS Nokalva, continuing to deliver the quality you expect and the commitment you count on, announces the availability of three new releases:


Key Features
ASN.1 Tools for Java ?
Version 5.0
ASN.1 Tools for C++ ?
Version 5.0
ASN-1Step ?
Version 6.0
  • Generation of a sample application demonstrating how to populate and use the generated Java-representations of PDU types defined in the input ASN.1 syntax.
  • TOED (Time Optimized Encoder/Decoder) is now the default run-time library providing you with speed optimized code "right out of the box". We haven't retired the SOED (Space Optimized Encoder/Decoder), we've just put our faster foot forward in response to a growing focus on speed.
  • Automatic decoding of [BASE64] OpenType values
  • ASN.1 Studio - a powerful new IDE packed with functionality that allows you to compile ASN.1 specs, display, create, modify or encode a message with just a few mouse clicks!
  • Available for the following 32 and 64-bit platforms: Windows, Linux and Solaris. Other platforms supported on request.

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