OSS Nokalva Announces ASN.1 Studio

Somerset, N.J., November 1, 2011

OSS Nokalva, Inc. announced today its powerful new IDE, ASN.1 Studio.

ASN.1 Studio is a powerful IDE included with several of the OSS ASN.1 products. You can use ASN.1 Studio to graphically create or modify ASN.1 values, without writing any code.

Many standard protocols are specified using ASN.1. The use of ASN.1 makes them easier to read and implement compared to other specification techniques, such as tabular descriptions. However, for ASN.1 specifications of any size and complexity, there is a need for a software tool that helps specification writers or application developers perform such tasks as decoding a message, viewing a message in a human-readable form, and creating sample messages and encodings. This becomes particularly important for large and rapidly evolving protocols, where two or more specifications are used in combination.

ASN.1 Studio is OSS Nokalva's answer to that need. ASN.1 Studio's many features support the needs of different classes of ASN.1 users, facilitate testing and debugging of protocol implementations, and prevent the introduction of encoding/decoding errors. No training or programming is necessary for its use. With ASN.1 Studio, you literally need just a few mouse clicks to take any ASN.1 specification and actually run an application that encodes and decodes ASN.1 messages based upon it.

ASN.1 Studio can produce source code that demonstrates how to encode or decode any message whose type is defined in an ASN.1 specification. This generated demonstration source code can be copy-pasted into your application and the message sample fields can simply be replaced with the actual fields that a message should contain.

ASN.1 Studio can "export" its projects to a format that is understood by a target language compiler, linker or IDE, such as Microsoft Visual Studio. This further simplifies the process of building your ASN.1-based application, as all the right C and C++ compiling and linking options are properly set in the exported Visual Studio project.

View the ASN.1 Studio Tutorials

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