CAGL Compiler Options

Applies to: ASN.1/C v11.3

The Compile-and-Go-Library allows you to compile the input ASN.1 schema "on-the-fly", using just a runtime function call, instead of compiling from the command-line or a GUI.

Compiler options control the behavior of the ASN.1 compiler, and thus the encoding and decoding of the ASN.1 messages. Compiler options are passed in a string as a parameter to the function ossCreateControlTable.

The following table contains the compiler options listed by category. Note that an option may belong to more than one category. For your convenience, we have included check boxes that, when selected, display a particular group of compiler options: basic, advanced, or deprecated.

Certain compiler options are specific to CAGL. These are described separately.

CAGL-only Compiling Options


If this option is specified, the OSS Compile-and-Go-Library will not install signal (exception) handlers. Signal handling instructs CAGL to trap signals and return error codes and messages instead of crashing. On the downside, signal trapping might affect performance, it is not always thread-safe, and it could conflict with third party signal handlers. We recommend that you disable trapping for multi-threaded applications built with versions older than 8.2.0.

NOTE: The OSS Compile-and-Go-Library is not included in the OSS ASN.1 Tools; it is an add-on product that is available for common platforms like Linux, Windows, and Solaris, and may not be available for your embedded system port. If you are interested in CAGL for your platform, contact Sales <>.


If this option is specified, CAGL will allow instances of parameterized encoding objects applied to PDUs within open types to reference fields from enclosing top-level PDUs.


If this option is specified, CAGL will truncate long printed strings at the position specified by the num parameter.

This documentation applies to the OSS® ASN.1 Tools for C release 11.3 and later.

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