The OSS Compile-and-Go-Library (CAGL) Overview

Applies to: ASN.1/C v11.3

The OSS Compile-and-Go-Library enables you to dynamically parse ASN.1 schemas.

CAGL is a good choice when:

  • Your data schema is unknown at build-time. CAGL provides access to the internal structure at runtime, for example, when developing protocol analyzers or message "explorer" apps, without CAGL, you are limited to compiling and linking your application with an existing set of ASN.1 specifications which cannot be changed during runtime.
  • Your ASN.1 schema (3GPP UMTS specifications, for example) changes periodically or frequently.

NOTE: The OSS CAGL compiler and API functions are provided separately by OSS Nokalva. For information about purchasing CAGL, please contact Sales <>.

When using CAGL, you can invoke the ASN.1 compiler during runtime from your application. The API enables you to dynamically create an in-memory control table for any arbitrary ASN.1 specification. The control table provides details about the specification types, tags, constraints, information object field relations.

Additionally, you can use parts of the specified ASN.1 schema for encoding, decoding, copying, comparing.

After creating the control table, you can use the Interpretive ASN.1 API (IAAPI) functions to access and modify the contents of the ASN.1 specification corresponding to the created control table.

NOTE: The IAAPI library is provided separately by OSS Nokalva. For information about purchasing the IAAPI library, please contact Sales <>.

This documentation applies to the OSS® ASN.1 Tools for C release 11.3 and later.

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