The OSS® Compile-And-Go Library (CAGL) allows you to parse ASN.1 modules at runtime, and instead of generating C structs, you can immediately use the OSS Interpretive ASN.1 API (IAAPI) library functions (included with the OSS ASN.1 Tools at no added cost) to create values, encode them, and decode messages. The CAGL produces no output files for you to compile or link with.

What are the benefits of this solution? You can easily implement various applications that need to work with multiple schemas at runtime, such as protocol analyzers. You can use encoders/decoders which can work with any ASN.1 module - no need to change or rebuild the application program. The model is analogous to that of DOM, in that it allows you to parse ASN.1 modules and then use the result to immediately parse either XML documents or PER, OER, COER, BER, CER, DER and JSON messages, and convert between these if you wish.

The OSS ASN.1 Tools also include support for XML as a standard component, so now you can effortlessly convert between binary encoding rules such as PER/OER/BER/DER/CER and XML.

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