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Technical Description

The OSS® XSD->ASN.1 Translator is a command line tool that maps your XSD schemas into ASN.1 modules. One module is generated for each target XML namespace. The generated ASN.1 can be used with the OSS ASN.1 Tools, or any ASN.1 tools that support E-XER, to generate binary or XML encodings of the global XML elements defined in the XSD. The generated XML documents (also known as ASN.1 E-XER encodings) will conform to the original XML Schema. This conversion allows you to interoperate, using XML, with the peers that use XSD, and at the same time, you can exchange data with other peers that use ASN.1 and can understand binary encodings.


The following diagram shows how various ASN.1 and XSD peers can exchange data. Once you convert your XML Schema into ASN.1, you can use any XSD tools and any ASN.1 tools which support E-XER to exchange data using XML. If you use the OSS XSD Tools, you will be able to exchange data with any XSD tools using XML, and at the same time with any ASN.1 tools using highly efficient binary encoding formats such as PER.

OSS XSD 3rdParty ASN.1

See a simple example of how to use the XSD->ASN.1 translator.

Convert your XML Schema into ASN.1

OSS has the tools and expertise to help you convert your XML Schema into ASN.1. Once you have successfully converted your XML Schema, you can download the "OSS ASN.1 Tools with E-XER support" to generate XML and binary encodings.

For more information about our conversion tools/services contact us at 1-888-OSS-2761 (USA and Canada only), +1-732-302-9669 (international), or info@oss.com .

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